The Jefferson Awards for Public Service

The Jefferson Awards for Public Service

Jefferson Awards Co-Chair, U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell, presents Jefferson Award to Dr. Donald Butler

Jefferson Awards Co-Chair, U.S. Senator Harry Reid, presents Jefferson Award to Flora Jackson

Nominate A Volunteer

Please help us nominate a local "Unsung Hero" or a deserving individual for a national award. Nominations are accepted year-round.

Local Nomination Form

The Local Jefferson Award is for individuals that make a difference on a daily basis in their local communities.

National Nomination Form

National Awards are given to people that make a difference on a national level.

Sample Nominations — It's Easy

Nominating someone is simple. Below please find sample national and local nominations to encourage you to help us.

Sample National Nominations:

Rudi Giuliani is nominated for the Greatest Public Service by an Elected or Appointed Official for his rare leadership and courage after September 11th , which inspired the nation.

John Glenn is nominated for the Greatest Public Service by an Elected or Appointed Official for a lifetime of public service — for being the first American to orbit the earth and for his integrity and leadership in the U.S. Senate.

If your national nominee is less well known, please define his or her public service in a brief paragraph.

Sample "Unsung Hero" Nominations:

Maisie DeVore     130 words     Age: 83     Eskridge, KS
Summary Sentence:
Maisie DeVore is nominated for her effort to bring a swimming pool to a small rural community in northeast Kansas.

Outstanding Personal Acts:
Maisie felt the young people of her surrounding rural community needed a place to go on hot summer days. She vowed to build a community swimming pool.

For over 30 years, Maisie collected aluminum cans, scrap metal, car batteries and junk to sell to a local recycling center. She sold homemade jelly, knitted and raffled off afghans, organized bake sales and garage sales. In the early years, she was known as "Crazy Maisie." She stuck with the project, and people began helping. When she raised $100,000, people began calling her "Amazin' Maisie."

Community Impact:
Maizie's pool opened in July 2002. The lives of thousands of families and their children have benefited.

Amanda Imberi     140 words     Age: 18     Sioux Falls, SD
Summary Sentence:
Amanda Imberi is nominated for her efforts behind cancer education and prevention.

Outstanding Personal Acts:
At age nine Amanda lost her mother to cancer. She hopes through education & outreach to prevent this from happening to other children. She has taped public service announcements, written informational articles, and developed an illustrated talk. She wrote a skit which she and other students presented in the Great American Smoke Out. Amanda has raised money for the American Cancer Society.

Amanda's father is illiterate. She pays all the bills and balances the checkbook. She is responsible for running the household-tasks which she took over at age nine.

Community Impact:
Through Amanda's education program she reaches thousands of children and families each year. Amanda is an excellent role model. She is an honor roll student. Life handed Amanda a bowl of lemons and she made lemonade.

William D. Grace     170 words     Age:55     Binghamton, NY
Summary Sentence:
Bill Grace is nominated for his multi-year impact keeping children away from drugs & alcohol abuse.

Outstanding Personal Acts:
Bill Grace has danced his way into the hearts of thousands of children while helping them stay drug and alcohol free. As the Binghamton Police Department's DARE officer, Grace is known as the "rock and roll" policeman. He incorporates 1950's and 60's music into his lessons about the dangers of alcohol, drugs, gangs and violence.

The music attracts the students' attention and makes them look forward to their lessons with Grace. DARE stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. Grace says his main goal is to show students there are many ways to find happiness in life. For him, it's through dancing and singing.

In the classroom students realize they can find happiness without drugs or alcohol. Grace's motto: "You only rock once, so make the most of it."

Community Impact:
Grace is a paid policeman, but he goes well beyond his expected duties. He has inspired hundred s if not thousands of students over the years to stay away from drugs.

Stacy Whitmore-Bell     120 words     Age: 36     Portsmouth, VA
Summary Sentence:
Stacy Whitmore-Bell is nominated for her work to improve the living conditions of poor people in her community.

Outstanding Personal Acts:
Stacy, a resident of South Norfolk, saw the conditions and took it upon herself to change the community. The average annual income of the residents of Madison Arms Apartments in South Norfolk is nearly half the federal definition of poverty. Last December, two children at the complex were shot by random gunfire. Stacy has spoken out publicly about the living conditions and has organized pickets at the apartment complex to let the outside world know of the situation.

Community Impact:
She has pushed city leaders and brought about measurable improvements in the apartments. Whitmore-Bell has placed herself in harm's way by standing with the poor tenants of Madison Arms, but the results speak for themselves.