The Jefferson Awards for Public Service

The Jefferson Awards for Public Service

Globe Changers

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Over the next ten years, the Jefferson Awards is committed to identify and train 1,000 students to THINK BIG and create national or global service projects

Over the past three years, we have seen and helped train extraordinary young Americans. As a result, we have launched GlobeChangers. America needs significant young leaders as we face daunting problems in the next decade. Our GlobeChangers will be among those leaders. We are training them to THINK BIG. Then we divide their BIG IDEAS into doable steps, and link each GlobeChangers with an adult mentor. Our website is interactive and is fashioned to be viral and virtual - linked to Facebook and other social media outlets. Thanks to Board Members, Joyce Cowin, the Jefferson Awards has the funds to start GlobeChangers.

Ted Gonder

Ted Gonder - The Pace Setter

The first Jefferson Awards GlobeChangers was Ted Gonder, an Orange County, California high school junior. He is our inspiration. Sam Beard attended the CASC (California Association of Student Council Presidents) leadership course at Stanford University.

While there, Sam convened a seminar inviting high school students to THINK BIG and follow their passion. Ted asked Sam if he could help him with his project: Stop Global Warming. Sam spent an hour and helped Ted divide his project in to four doable steps and encouraged Ted to GET STARTED.

Almost three years later, Ted called and gave the Jefferson Awards his progress report. Sam suggested that Ted get 10 students in each of 10 high schools to commit 100 hours each. Ted enlisted 350 students who committed over 21,000 hours. Sam suggested the team create action kits an have the high school students bring them home to 10,000 families, which they did. All this and more occurred. Then the Gore team contacted Ted and brought his project statewide in California.

Robbie and Brittany Bergquist

Robbie and Brittany Bergquist

Robbie and Brittany Bergquist (pictured to the right) won a 2011 National Jefferson Award. Their story is so compelling that the Jefferson Awards selected them to be our national spokespersons for GlobeChangers. At age 12 and 13, Robbie and Brittany saw that an American Soldier in Iraq had built up a $7,000 phone bill calling home, and he couldn't pay it. The Bergquists were upset and created Cell Phones for Soldiers. With car washes and other fund raisers, they paid the phone bill. Today  they are in college, and have created partnerships with AT&T and General Motors and are responsible for more than 150 million free minutes for soldiers calling home.  

Working with AT&T and General Motors, the Bergquists are responsible for over 150 million free minutes allowing American soldiers to call home.

Glove Changers Glove Changers

Megan Johnson started Megan's Mission which provides blankets and other necessities to the homeless

Board Member Joyce Cowin presenting at the
National Jefferson Awards Ceremony

Glove Changers Glove Changers

Talia Leman, Morgan Hartley and Greg Nance at the National Ceremony

Tristan Love 2010 GlobeChangers (CIS)


Patrick Ip
University of Chicago
Executive Director,
United Nations ASPIRE -

Involving over 5 million students around the globe in making a difference

Patrick Ip is an outstanding example of the leadership, energy and vision of young Americans. On September 21, 2011, as unpaid Executive Director of United Nations ASPIRE, Patrick, with an international team of students, spearheaded the effort to involve over 5 million students in over 700 colleges and universities and over 100 countries around the globe to undertake local service projects.

For his inventiveness, Patrick was selected as a 2011 Jefferson Awards GlobeChangers.

Patrick got his service start in politics. In December 2001, like thousands of first-time voters, Patrick volunteered for the Obama campaign. He started going door to door. Then he offered to help fundraise and raised over $5,000. Soon he was promoted to be the California High School State Director and involved over 150 high schools. Changing from politics, Patrick focused his energies on education reform working with California's Lt. Governor John Garamendi. In the summer of 2010, while working for the Foundation for Young Australians, he created opportunities for young Australians to have their voices heard in top policy circles. As a result, he was asked to lead the United Nations Youth Committee Australia, and then lead the global United Nations ASPIRE. ASPIRE is a university student-led organization of global thinkers, catalysts and social workers promoting service to others. Three Jefferson Awards mentors are now helping Patrick.

Patrick Ip

Patrick Ip speaking at the United Nations

Patrick addresses students

Patrick Ip addressing elementary school students on education reform