The Jefferson Awards for Public Service

The Jefferson Awards for Public Service

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1975. Co-Founder Senator Taft honoring Watergate hero Peter Rodino in the original Supreme Court.

1976. Top award winners - Alan Greenspan, Arthur Burns and Bill Simon at the Jefferson Memorial

1978. President Jimmy Carter welcoming JA honoree Jerry Lewis in the Oval Office

Charley Bartlett, JA mainstay, emcee and door opener to the U.S. Supreme Court and the media


Jack Valenti, long-term emcee and host, with Barbara Walters and Alan Greenspan

1983. Kirk Douglas, Helen Hayes and Paul Volcker in U.S. Supreme Court

1989. U.S. Senator Jack Heinz founding JA Board Member, chaired the planning meeting that created National Youth Service Day

Roger Horchow with Sally Pillsbury. Horchow launches the JA endowment with $1 million gift, 1989


1990. Hank Aaron, Colin Powell, Jody Powell, and Julian Bond, in U.S. Supreme Court

1997. Ethel Kennedy, U.S. Senator Tom Daschle, Lesley Stahl, Michael Keaton, and Sam Beard at the JA 25th Anniversary

2006. Charleston, SC Mayor Joe Riley creates Jefferson Awards partnership with the nation's Mayors

2007. Deloitte becomes JA National Corporate Partner. Jack Russi, Deloitte Vice Chair, with U.S. Senator Mel Martinez